From luxury beach homes to mountain properties, Santa Cruz County has amazing real estate opportunities on offer. These are some of the best listings available. Call Ellen Carter at (831) 345-1381 to set up a viewing appointment of these or any available Santa Cruz properties.

41 Grandview - # 401Lower Corner Building 4

Measure O Short Sale: Help Find the Right Low Income Candidate for Home-Ownership

Santa Cruz Measure O Short Sale — Help Find the Right Low Income Candidate for Homeownership. 41 Grandview St #401 is an exceptional property in many ways. This one bedroom, one bathroom home is located in the Westside of Santa Cruz, close to New Leaf Community Market, UCSC and the Westside Farmer’s Market. At just under 700 square feet, 41 Grandview features its own laundry facilities, plentiful parking and views of the development’s quad garden area.

This little lower corner unit is also a Santa Cruz Measure O property which means that it is designated as low income housing and there are income limitations for all potential homeowner applicants. 41 Grandview St. #401 is regulated by Resolution No. NS-16,452:

Family Size Annual Income
1 $67,117
2 $77,035

It is a beautiful home and I am committed to finding the right person for it. As a short sale negotiator, I have a short sale approval on this property at the list price. The home is ready to provide the American dream of home-ownership to the right person or persons. Do you know someone who might qualify?

I have the right loan officer, Dwayne Dawson, and title person standing by, I have the short sale approval in my hands and I have 41 Grandview’s paperwork on the desk of a special officer on the Wells Fargo Executive Resolution team.

The issue is that a person qualified for this home, may not even realize that home-ownership is possible and may not be looking. Help me find the right candidate for home-ownership for this special Santa Cruz Measure O Short Sale and I am happy to pay a referral fee.

Hallie and Max SOLD | Ellen Carter, Directions Real Estate

First Time Homeowners: A Lesson in Santa Cruz Real Estate Resolve

“Never For Money, Always for Love”
– Talking Heads from This Must Be The Place

I wish this mantra was truer in my life and my Santa Cruz real estate business. I resolve to start making it truer, a little bit each day.

Hallie and I | Ellen Carter, Directions Real EstateResolve was the theme of the wedding I attended for my most recent clients back in 2010. I was proud of them on that day and I am proud of them today, as they begin their lives as first time homeowners. All of my real estate clients are special to me, but I have known Hallie for 14 years, meeting her when she was just 15, and I have watched her grew into a competent and compassionate woman. I have never been so proud of a completed transaction in my life or so happy that I my chosen career is in selling Santa Cruz real estate.

Hallie’s husband Max is a teacher at Bonny Doon Community Preschool, a sax player and a deacon in the John Coltraine Church. Hallie is a District Manager for the Boulder Creek Recreation and Parks District. A popular couple, at their wedding, 300 of their closest friends stood up for them. Hallie and Max are closely tied to their community–just like, as a Realtor, I am closely tied to mine and to my clients. At their wedding they resolved to join their two lives together as one. The theme of their life is resolve.

Finding them their first home was a tough process. We wrote 12 offers and I showed them easily 25 properties. I was determined to find them a bank-owned property, even with inventory down in the Santa Cruz Mountains, to meet their financial and personal needs. I was resolved to find them their perfect home and we did.

Hallie and Max SOLD | Ellen Carter, Directions Real EstateOn July 27th, Hallie and her husband Max signed the paperwork. They funded on August 1, 2012, the day of the full moon, and took possession of their new Felton, CA home. The work I put in was always about love; never about money and the Talking Head song ran through my head throughout the final days of closing.

I am resolved to bring more of that energy into my future real estate business.