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Directions Real Estate specializes in Santa Cruz real estate from Capitola Village vacation homes to oceanfront property to rural Santa Cruz Mountain homes. Whatever your dream, I can help make it happen. I also help homeowners save their credit through two foreclosure alternatives: Mortgage Lien Elimination and Short Sale Negotiation.

Pointing You in the Right DirectionEllen Carter, Owner & Principal of Directions Real Estate

My Real Estate and Short Sale expertise extends from Northern California to Hawaii and throughout the Central Coast.

I am a Realtor who specializes in Residential & Investment Property, Resales including Short Sales, Short Sale Negotiation and Mortgage Lien Elimination.

From first-time home buyers to seasoned investors, I provide my clients with the right advice needed to serve them over the long run. With my background years in the mortgage industry, I offer them the added advantage of my insight regarding their financial options. I diligently bridge the relationship gap between realtor, lender and, in this market, the banks.

I offer over 35 years of experience in both sales and business ownership in multiple fields including residential building construction, single family and commercial mortgage lending. As a former Senior Mortgage Banker for a nationwide mortgage corporation, I worked with a broad range of clientele throughout California, Hawaii and 20 other states across the country.

If you are looking for an REALTOR to guide you, support you and fight for you along the buying or selling real estate process, contact me or call me today.